Do you recycle?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Your rubbish will be brought to our waste transfer station and segregated by hand in order to be recycled. This includes items such as wood, cardboard, paper, metal, green waste, rubble and plasterboard. Waste that is not currently recyclable goes on to other facilities for further processing, some of which are heavily invested in waste to energy programmes.

Where can my skip be placed?

We can deliver the skip anywhere that is accessible by our wagon whether that is onto your own property or onto the highway. Please be aware that if your skip is dropped on the highway (road or verge) it would require a licence. This is a slight additional cost and we will arrange this for you.

How long can I keep my skip?

If the skip is on private property, we offer a 14-day standard hire. If you require your skip for longer, please contact us before the scheduled collection date and this can be arranged subject to availability.

What cannot go in my skip?

Unfortunately, we are not able to dispose of tyres, paints, oils, food waste and medical/biohazardous waste.

How high can I fill my skip?

Skips should be filled level with the top of the skip. The rubbish in your skip needs to be secured with a net in order to carry it safely on the road. Remember, you are paying for the space inside the skip, not the air above it!

What size skips to you offer?

For both domestic and trade customers our most popular sizes are – Mini, Midi and Large. If you require a larger or enclosed skip, please contact us on 01484845948 and we will be happy to assist you further.